Eerie Edinburgh

Documenting Edinburgh’s lesser-known hauntings and ghostly goings-on. Eerie Edinburgh: the home of Edinburgh’s ghost stories.

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Eerie Edinburgh

Ancient Edinburgh: a thousand years of life, death, murder, intrigue, and ghosts!
Edinburgh is a paranormal enthusiast’s paradise, with spirits and spectres seemingly around almost every corner and up every close.
In recent years, its best known hauntings are the fascinating stories of the ghosts in the underground vaults and the MacKenzie poltergeist in the graveyard at Greyfriars Kirk. However, if you look beyond these incredible modern tales, you'll find hundreds of years worth of history and spooky goings-on.
Edinburgh has it all – ghostly pipers, Egyptian spirits, white ladies, warlocks, and witches, to name just a few.
Each episode will feature one of the cities eerie tales, both old and news.

Listen to learn more.


4 days ago

Dive into the chilling mysteries of Glencoe as we explore the eerie tales surrounding its ghostly inhabitants. From historical tragedies to lingering spirits, this episode uncovers the haunting stories that have captivated generations. Join us on a journey through the mist-shrouded landscapes of Glencoe, where the past echoes in the whispers of the wind and the shadows of the past come to life. Discover the spine-tingling legends that make Glencoe one of the most haunted places in Scotland.

Sunday Nov 12, 2023

Prepare to step into the haunted realms of Fyvie Castle, where the walls resonate with centuries of history and, some say, the lingering spirits of the past. Join us on a spine-chilling journey through the haunted corridors of this imposing fortress. From the Grey Lady's spectral apparitions to the mysterious 'weeping stones,' each room conceals a tale of the supernatural. 
Discover the riveting stories behind the spectral sightings, including the tragic tale of Lady Meldrum and the heart-wrenching legend of the ghostly trumpeter. 
Are these tales of apparitions and paranormal phenomena based on historical events, or are they the product of overactive imaginations?
Join us as we explore the eerie and unexplained happenings that make Fyvie Castle a timeless enigma.

Sunday Oct 29, 2023

Join us on a chilling journey through the dark corridors and hidden chambers of Holyrood Palace, the historic royal residence in the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland.
In this spine-tingling episode, we delve into the eerie legends and ghostly encounters that have shrouded this regal abode for centuries.
Discover the spectral associated with Mary, Queen of Scots, and her tragic destiny that lingers in the palace's walls. Uncover the unsettling mystery of Agnes Sampson, a woman accused of witchcraft and said to haunt these hallowed halls to this day. From the Grey Lady's mournful presence to the ominous spirit of David Rizzio, we explore the unsettling stories that continue to haunt Holyrood.
Prepare for a hair-raising journey into the supernatural as we unearth the secrets of Holyrood Palace's spectral inhabitants. Don't forget to subscribe, like, and share this video to join us on our next adventure into the enigmatic world of the paranormal!

Tuesday Oct 24, 2023

Welcome to "Eerie Edinburgh in Conversation", our new bonus podcast where host Louise sits down with Wayne, the creator of Eerie Edinburgh, to dive into the intriguing world of ghostly encounters and we explore in more detail what could lie behind some of the famous stories covered in the main channel.
In this candid and straightforward conversation, they discuss Wayne's motivations, experiences, and insights regarding the paranormal.
Join us for an honest and engaging dialogue on all things eerie in the historic and haunted city of Edinburgh.
If you'd like to learn more about the wonderful Louise, take a look at

Saturday Oct 14, 2023

In this episode, we delve into the chilling history of Mary King's Close, a hidden network of historic streets beneath Edinburgh's bustling Royal Mile. 
Join us as we explore the stories of restless spirits, unearth long-buried secrets, and venture into the shadows of one of Scotland's most haunted locations. 
From ghostly encounters to historical mysteries, we uncover the eerie tales that continue to intrigue and spook visitors.
Whether you're a believer in the paranormal or a skeptic, the enigmatic past of Mary King's Close will leave you with more questions than answers. Watch to uncover the spine-tingling history that refuses to rest in peace.

Sunday Oct 01, 2023

In this episode, we unravel the unsettling history behind Ballechin House, once dubbed "Scotland's most haunted house", known for its spine-chilling paranormal tales and unexplained occurrences.
From ghostly apparitions to eerie whispers, this house has garnered its ghostly reputation. Join us as we dig into the hair-raising stories that have baffled investigators and researchers for years in the most haunted house, you may never have heard of. Could the owner's unusual wish for reincarnation as his beloved spaniel have triggered these otherworldly encounters?
Explore the haunted rooms, unexplained apparitions, and bizarre happenings that continue to confound paranormal enthusiasts. happenings that continue to confound paranormal enthusiasts.

Saturday Sep 16, 2023

Explore the chilling tale of "The Hunderprest: The Vampire Monk of Melrose" in our latest video. 
Journey back to medieval Scotland and uncover the dark and mysterious legend of a monk named Hunderprest, who harbored a sinister secret. As we delve into historical records and local folklore, you'll discover the eerie events that led to his reputation as a vampire monk.
Join us as we unravel the spine-tingling story of Hunderprest and his macabre existence in the ancient Melrose Abbey. 
Learn about the whispers of the supernatural that surround this enigmatic figure and the eerie encounters reported by those who have ventured near his tomb. Don't miss this gripping account of a medieval mystery that continues to send shivers down the spines of those who dare to explore the haunted history of Melrose.

Sunday Sep 03, 2023

Join us on a spine-tingling journey through the ancient halls of Craigmillar Castle in our latest episode, 'Spirits among the Stones.' 
Delve into the chilling accounts of two restless souls that haunt this historic Scottish stronghold. In 1934 and 1935, witnesses reported a mysterious hooded figure prowling the castle's grounds, its intentions shrouded in secrecy. We'll unveil the eerie story behind this enigmatic specter and explore its connection to the castle's turbulent past. But that's not all – the White Lady of Craigmillar Castle, believed to be the ghost of a tragic noblewoman, Lady Marion, also makes her presence known.
Learn about her ill-fated love, her heart-wrenching imprisonment, and the ghostly encounters that continue to send shivers down visitors' spines. Don't miss this captivating episode as we unravel the haunting mysteries that linger among these ancient stones.

Sunday Aug 27, 2023

Step into the enchanting world of the Museum of Edinburgh, a site renowned not only as a backdrop for the acclaimed series "Outlander," but also as a stage for eerie encounters beyond imagination. In our latest episode, journey alongside Linzi, a former staff member, as she shares a chilling narrative of her experiences within these hallowed walls.
Venture with us beyond the realms of the ordinary as Linzi unveils a series of haunting occurrences that unfolded in the heart of the museum. From the enigmatic presence of a spectral woman to the unsettling and sinister aura of a shadowy figure, her firsthand accounts will send an electrifying shiver down your spine. Prepare to be captivated by an immersive exploration of the Museum of Edinburgh's ghostly secrets, leaving you with a profound appreciation for the hidden stories woven into the tapestry of its storied past.

Sunday Aug 13, 2023

In this episode, we delve into the chilling account of two witnesses, Gary and Colin, who experienced an otherworldly encounter that defied explanation. 
From strange lights in the sky to an unsettling encounter with an unknown craft, their story will leave you pondering the mysteries that still linger over that fateful night. 
Discover the details, the eerie sensations, and the lasting impact of this enigmatic event that continues to captivate UFO enthusiasts and curious minds alike.

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